Woman mortified as PrettyLittleThing Halloween costume looks nothing like photos

In our time, we have witnessed a fair share of fashion fails.

Remember this ‘slenderman’ jumper blunder?

This time round, online retailer PrettyLittleThing has come under fire on TikTok due to a diamante-encrusted balaclava.

TikTok user @egc1997 decided to buy the item for a Halloween costume.

However, the woman was left with a fright after receiving an item very different from what she believed she was purchasing.

She tagged Pretty Little Thing and captioned the post: “You did me dirty.”

In the popular clip, the woman first shares a photo of the ‘”ridescent diamante mesh balaclava”, which is listed for £30 on PrettyLittleThing’s website.

The woman shared what she thought she was going to recieve

Mortified, the woman then reveals the item she actually received, which unfortunately does not resemble the photo posted online.

Hilariously, the woman received an item with large jewels that resembled a ‘net’ more so than a balaclava.

The fashion fail has now racked up 54,000 views and 4,000 likes on the video sharing app.

Equally amused as the woman, people quickly took to the comments to have their say on the face mask blunder.

woman with jewelled net
Unfortunately for the woman she received the wrong item

One user commented: “What in the knights templar from Wish is this!”

Another person added: “Surely not omg.”

Whilst a third user said: “Omg I don’t know how they get away with it.”

Someone else noted: “No they violated you.”

Meanwhile, another user commented: “OMG it looks like those june bugs caught on a net.”

The original poster added: “They said they’re sending me a new one so I hope it’s right lol.”

Daily Star have contacted Pretty Little Thing for comment.

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