Woman left cringing after eyebrow dye leaves her with massive caterpillar brows

A beauty fan was left laughing at her own misfortune when she tried a home eyebrow dyeing kit – only to leave it on too long.

In a hilarious TikTok video by student Libby @libbyanderson__ she shows herself reacting as she examines the results of the dye.

Unfortunately, the dye has stained not only her eyebrows dark brown but also a lot of the skin above and below.

The effect is giant caterpillar eyebrows, which might be a trend in high fashion but was probably not the look she was going for.

Libby repeatedly groans and claps her hands over her mouth while trying not to laugh and attempts to rub off the dye with a makeup remover wipe, but it doesn’t seem to help the situation much.

Libby laughs at her eyebrow dye blunder

She joked in the caption: “When you accidentally leave the eyebrow dye on too long. Oh no indeed.”

The video was watched just under 100,000 times when it was uploaded on Saturday (September 18) and thousands of people have commented.

One user advised: “Put Vaseline around your eyebrow then it won’t stain!”

A second viewer said they had suffered the same blunder and managed to wash off the dye with micellar water and a cotton pad.

Someone else wrote: “This legit happens every time I do my brows.”

Libby in a video before dyeing her eyebrows
Libby in a video before dyeing her eyebrows

Another person commented: “Don’t do this I wiped it that much with a baby wipe I got friction burns hahaha.”

This comes after a mortified woman accused a salon of botching her microblading treatment and leaving her with “monster eyebrows” and painful-looking blisters.

Sharing before and after photos, the devastated woman said: “I went from having zero eyebrows to having these monster eyebrows, and it’s hard to swallow.

“They’re big caterpillar eyebrows that don’t fit my face.”

Her post went viral and she decided to get the brows fixed at another salon.

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