Why are music lessons important?

Why are music lessons important?

Almost everyone of us has had some kind of private or group lessons  –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα– as children. Many people have had foreign language courses, sports classes, swimming lessons and many more. Sometimes music though is not counted in these categories as many think that it is not important for a child’s development but they are merely wrong.

If you would like to know why are music lessons important, you should continue reading this article. Let’s see the reasons and benefits of the music lessons in a child’s life!

Music has been shown to have beneficial properties for the human body. Especially learning a musical instrument and engaging in it offer countless benefits for the multifaceted development of the individual.

Scientific proof the music has benefits for the human mind and body

According to scientific research, playing musical instruments has a positive effect on the brain system: performing a melody keeps the human mind awake, while at the same time the creativity and concentration required sharpen the thought.

The activity of the brain when a person plays music is so great that, as scientists admit, engaging in music can increase the intelligence index of children. Therefore, the beneficial effect of music on the human brain begins at an early age. This is why it is important to expose children to music since their early childhood, even during pregnancy as it helps with the relaxation and communication between the outside world and the baby.

In addition, the effect of playing music and instruments on brain function does not stop there: it has been shown that cognitive ability in combination with memory is enhanced, thus helping to avoid mental disorders.

Apart from the hemisphere of the brain associated with logic, humans simultaneously practice the hemisphere of creativity when playing music: their imagination is cultivated, while at the same time they find the appropriate way to channel their emotions, expressing their inner world with melody it creates.

Benefits of playing music

The love for music and art is enhanced in the most entertaining way, while also cultivating the aesthetic criterion in the musician. Another important benefit enjoyed by anyone who plays music is the reduction of stress. Stress is one of the most important problems of today’s people and dealing with musical instruments helps eliminate it.

The musician concentrated on the melody “takes care” of his soul, since he is surrounded by the positive emotion that the music evokes.

Learning, studying or playing musical instruments also teaches the musician to be disciplined. Music offers entertainment, but it has rules that must be followed for the result to be enjoyable. The musician, then, learns to set goals so that he has a perfect result, to work to achieve them.

In fact, when a musician works in a group – a band, for example – he acquires skills that have to do with collaboration, values ​​such as respect for teamwork, while at the same time he learns to be responsible, since his own performance affects the performance of the whole team.

Creative free time

One of the benefits of the music instruments is that children and teenagers get to spend their free time creatively. Imagine having a kid who is not easily socialized and cannot make friends as quickly as other children. Music can help them get rid of their stress and of course make friends in their own way.

Playing an instrument may lead you to participate in a group, a choir or a instrument set! Music playing will eventually help even the most introvert kid into making friends and communicating with other children! Let alone the safety they will feel for being in an indoor environment rather than outside such as when practicing sports for example.

All in all, playing a musical instrument therefore offers multiple benefits to children, as it shields his spirit, soul and character with abilities very important for all areas of his life.

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