Wedding guest blasted for wearing ‘rude’ dress to sister-in-law’s special day

A guest turned heads at a wedding when she rocked up in a “rude” ensemble.

The bride ranted on a Reddit thread about her sister-in-law’s outfit.

She claimed her sister-in-law also rejected an invite to become a bridesmaid for the big day.

And when it came to planning the wedding, the woman avoided to help and instead, threw a large birthday party for her one-year-old child a week before.

The bride shared a jaw-dropping photo of her standing next to her sister-in-law who wore a long white gown.

She wrote on Reddit: “My relative who flew in from overseas to attend my wedding wore a full white beaded gown.”

The newlywed opted for a “simple gown” costing £211 (400 AUD), and said so many guests wear “insane gowns and go over the top” in her Middle Eastern culture.

She expected her sister-in-law to try and out do her, but was shocked by the fact that she actually rocked up wearing white.

The bride even went shopping with her relative who bought a “velvet navy dress with a huge train, off the shoulder plunging”, which was more expensive than the wedding gown.

The woman wore white to her brother’s wedding

On the thread, she continued: “She didn’t contribute to any of the wedding planning and even said no to being a bridesmaid.

“She even got funny about her son being our ring bearer and told me that it could only happen under very specific circumstances.

“This is also after she was just a bridesmaid for her sisters wedding, and me and my then-fiancé took care of her two young kids the entire day. Pretty sad? But maybe I’m reading into it?”

The sister-in-law’s choice of outfit caused quite an uproar on Reddit, with many users rushing to comment.

One said: “That’s just wrong. Rude and wrong.”

Another added: “The dress and the woman look tacky; you look lovely.”

A third commented: “You look lovely, congratulations on your marriage. I hope it’s a long and happy one. I don’t think the relative’s dress out stood you at all.

“It’s very ill-fitting. Tight around the tummy and doesn’t suit her. You absolutely shine. Bad attempt at out-shining the bride this time.”

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