Schoolmates create body positive Instagram to show fashionable looks on all sizes

A pair of old school pals have reunited to set up a body positive Instagram account to push the idea that “fashion is for everybody”.

Isobel Greenfield and Ellie Buckles, both 23, set up Straight to the Curve to help other women see that your dress size doesn’t dictate whether or not you can be stylish.

The duo model clothing on their size 22/24 and 10/12 figures to show what the outfits look like at both ends of the scale.

After all, many plus-sized and mid-sized women struggle with thinking that fashion is only for models or very slim women.

The fashionistas assert that this is totally not true.

To find the similar outfits they wear, Isobel and Ellie trawl fashion sites together with the knowledge that many ranges won’t fit them both.

When they find the clothes they both like they pose side-by-side to show their fans how each woman styles the look.

Isobel and Ellie want people to know that fashion is for everyone

Ellie explained to the Metro: “It’s a different kind of body positivity.

“It’s not constantly pushing the generic [message].”

Isobel added: “A lot of people will do pictures of stretch marks, ours has a complete different look on it – it’s more about fashion and [the idea] you can wear what you want.

“It’s a different spin on it.”

Her comment was in reference to many body positivity posters who share the perceived imperfections on their bodies – like stretch marks and cellulite – to highlight that it’s normal.

Which is a great way to promote self love, but this pair is more about loving fashion no matter how big or small you are.

And, Isobel doesn’t care what size she is anyway.

She explained: “Once you let go of being worried about being a certain number or whatever, then literally I have so many clothes from a size 18 to a 26. It doesn’t bother me at all – I’ll buy a 36 if I have to.”

We're obsessed with this look!
We’re obsessed with this look!

Having both struggled with self-confidence in the past – binge eating and insecurity for Isobel and a “diet culture rampage” for Ellie – the page is the culmination of growing to love their figures.

In the comments on their Instagram page, which has almost 3,000 followers, it’s clear that their posts are making an impact.

“I love your page so much,” said one fan.

Another added: “Name a more iconic duo!”

While a third added: “I’ve just found this account and honestly so happy I’ve found two people who are so happy to share body positivity.”

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