Primark releases £8 loafers that look suspiciously like £495 Gucci shoes

They don’t call it Primani for nothing!

Primark is famous for its designer fashion dupes.

The budget-friendly retailer often gets style inspiration from luxury brands.

This allows customers to stay on trend without breaking the bank.

In the past, the store pleased fashion fans by releasing a £7 bag that looked suspiciously like Chloé.

And now, Primark seems to have been influenced by Gucci.

Primark shoes replicate Gucci’s style – but cost a lot less

Shoppers can now get their hands on an £8 pair of shoes that look similar to Gucci, Liverpool Echo reports.

Both shoes have a loafer silhouette.

They are also shades of red and feature gold detailing on them.

While the style is very similar, the biggest difference between the footwear is the material used to make them.

Primark’s pair appear to be mostly made from synthetic products.

Meanwhile, Gucci’s Jordaan loafers are made from plush velvet with leather trims.

Even though the high-street store’s offering is less luxurious, it’s a lot more purse friendly.

The £8 shoes are £487 less than the Italian fashion house’s £495 pair.

Primark releases £8 loafers that look suspiciously like £495 Gucci shoes
The Gucci shoes are made from real velvet – but they’ll set you back £495

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