People are super confused over the latest raunchy fashion trend ‘bum rip’ jeans

Topshop may have gone out of business earlier this year and closed down all of its stores but it is still causing fashion waves.

The store is now only sold on e-retailer ASOS and its latest drop has left people confused over its designs.

On the website, Topshop is now selling a pair of light blue denim jeans that feature bum rips on the back for a whopping £42.99.

The front of the jeans are like any normal pair and feature no rips.

But once you turn around in the flared pair of pants you will cheekily flash the flesh of your bum cheeks.

Topshop is not the first brand to bring out such a pair of raunchy jeans but fashion fans are certainly not happy.

It has become the cheeky fashion trend this season

Customers rushed to social media to share their thoughts on the wacky jeans.

One commented: “I surely did not just see Topshop selling jeans that you can buy with a legit bum rip, I’m talking big hole in them just below the but cheek and charging you £43 for the privilege.”

“Explain the thought process behind this! Someone! Anyone!” said another.

“I find a cute pair of jeans and they’ll have a rip at the bum, who’s buying these and where are u [sic] wearing them?” questioned another.

The jeans can be found at most retailers
The jeans can be found at most retailers

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One eagle-eyed fashion-goer pointed out that the rip is likely to get bigger with wear and tear.

“The rip is just going to get bigger every time you sit down and get up,” they pointed out.

Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have managed to pull off the ripped bum look.

Would you dare?

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