Mums in hysterics over high cut Shein bodysuit with ‘less material than hair band’

Mum were left giggling on Facebook after spotting the latest Shein clothing item to go on sale.

The high cut bodysuit was so revealing that plenty of the women joked about it causing a yeast infection.

And, some worried about how the fabric would stay in place…

The “Dinosaur Print High Cut Tank Bodysuit” by fashion retailer Shein costs just £4.49 on the website.

But, the extreme cut of the brief area shocked social media users who weren’t quite sure if anyone could pull it off, reports the Sun.

The sleeveless suit is described as having a “slight stretch” and being made from polyester.

Plus, the bodysuit has a black base with white dinosaurs all over it.

The very high cut suit made mums giggle

The site labelled the item “sexy” in the description, but Facebook users weren’t so sure that was the case.

A model wore the bodysuit with a denim skirt, but when worn alone the item pulls up so high on the hips that mums questioned the practicality.

One woman took a screen shot of a Shein social media advert for the suit and shared it to Facebook with the caption “Errrm… thoughts?”

And, a commenter replied: “It would look like an empty hot dog bun on me”.

“My hairband has more material,” added another.

While a third said: “It looks like a yeast infection waiting to happen!”

But, the suit proved popular in the reviews
But, the suit proved popular in the reviews

And a fourth noted: “Reminds me when you get a front wedgie in public and you have to do the awkward lunge wiggle walk to dislodge it”.

However, on the Shein site the bodysuit has been left a whopping 83 reviews – and it snagged an average rating of 4.9 out of five.

So it looks like plenty of people are able to rock the cute patterned suit.

Many dubbed it “amazing” and “cute” with “nice fabric”.

One reviewer said: “This is much more high cut than it looks. Very sexy though.”

“It so nice and comfy,” added another.

While a third said: “I love it!”

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