Mum gets trapped in Zara outfit and has to drive back to store to be freed

A hilarious video shows a woman “trapped” in her Zara jumpsuit return to the shop to get freed by staff members.

In the clip, uploaded by her daughter Isabel @isabelrobins on TikTok she shows her mum wearing a green botanical print jumpsuit.

She then turns around and it’s clear the zip is awkwardly stuck part the way up, exposing her bra and making it impossible to get out of.

Although it’s possible the zip could be encouraged to budge, the fabric might tear or the zip might come off the track completely.

Deciding not to risk it, the mum drives back to Zara and hides the back of the jumpsuit with a long coat.

The mum patiently waits as she is freed from the outfit

She then grins with joy when a store assistant is finally able to free her from the jumpsuit and she queues up to return the item and get her money back.

In the caption, Isabel explains: “Mum got trapped in her new outfit by a faulty zip and drove to Zara for them to let her out.”

She adds: “Here face when it was finally unzipped!”

The video has been watched more than 240,000 times and received 6,400 “likes” since it was uploaded on September 13.

The zip got stuck and wouldn't budge
The zip got stuck and wouldn’t budge

It triggered a debate in the comments section about whether or not the customer was right to return to the shop.

One person commented: “How is that Zara’s problem? They shouldn’t have helped her.”

Someone else chimed in: “It’s their product. If it’s within the return time, and a manufacturing fault, they have to replace or refund.”

“Your mum’s so glam!” gushed another viewer while someone else branded her “an absolutely iconic lady”.

A third viewer who was a fan of the outfit commented: “Shame because it looked awesome on her.”

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