Instagram models ‘quarantine and chill’ in sexy loungeware trend

Instagram models haven’t let their beauty standards slip when isolating themselves from coronavirus.

Many have been posing in sexy “quarantine and chill” outfits.

Aaleeyah Petty opted for a pink three-piece from Fashion Nova, which she wore while swigging wine at home.

Her 1.4 million followers approved of her saucy outfit, with 16,500 of them liking her post.

Many also took the time to leave a comment, with one responder suggesting: “Let’s chill together”.

And another admitted: “I would love to be quarantined with you”.

Aaleeyah Petty told fans she’s in ‘quarantine and chill’ mode

Paris Mars and Via Dradunn are other influencers to rock the cosy outfit in recent weeks.

The former racked up 23,500 likes when she struck a pose on her landing.

She styled the furry three-piece with smokey pink eye make-up and glossy lipgloss.

Meanwhile, Via looked glamorous as she posed by some shelves.

She let the fluffy cardigan slip down her shoulders to make the get-up as sexy as possible.

Instagram models 'quarantine and chill' in sexy loungeware trend
Paris Mars is a big fan of the sexy loungewear item

Instagram models 'quarantine and chill' in sexy loungeware trend
Via Dradunn has worn the fluffy garments in recent weeks

If you want to look just as glamorous as these ladies when you’re working from home, listen up.

Online retailer Fashion Nova is selling the set for £58.99.

You can purchase it in three different colours – grey, white and baby pink.

The product has gone down well with shoppers.

Instagram models 'quarantine and chill' in sexy loungeware trend
The three-piece set can be snapped up for £58.99

It has dozens of positive reviews, with the item garnering an average rating of 4.5 stars.

One happy customer gushed: “The shorts and cardigan are soooo comfy.”

Another said: “This outfit is comfortable, soft and easy to lounge around in, as well as sleeping in.”

And a third added: “It’s so cozy and comfy!”

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