How to choose the right tablet case?

How to choose the right tablet case?

The case – θήκη – is essential for a tablet just as it is for a smartphone. Unfortunately, there are many users who think that their tablet does not need protection because they use it less than a mobile phone and usually do not go out of the house with it.

The problem, however, is that most accidents happen at home, especially if the tablet is used by children. Fortunately, there are many options in different cases depending on the specific device. To choose the ideal type of tablet case for you, you need to know the options you have and the advantages of each.

Back tablet case

The most classic case is the one that covers only the back of the device. It is the easiest solution, since the tablet is immediately accessible for use, without having to open the case. You can find it in leather or silicone in a variety of colours and designs.

Tablet cases of this type perfectly protect the back, while if they cover the side parts of the device, they are suitable not only for scratches but also for falls. Their big disadvantage, however, is that they leave the screen exposed.

Smart tablet covers

Smart covers are basically the wallet cases, which cover the tablet from both the front and the back. They are definitely the most complete protection solution and they are very elegant, since they make the tablet look like a book.

Some of them are very thin and have a smart folding cap, so that the device stands upright. Leather and leatherette cases also have built-in cases, while offering the ability to mount the tablet in several places, to read or watch videos. Their only drawback is that they add volume to the device and require opening each time.

Tablet case with drop protection

A good solution to protect your tablet from falling without covering its screen is the cases that are made of durable materials, such as polycarbonate plastic.

These cases have the feature that they have raised edges, so they protect the screen in the event of a fall, although they do not cover it. They just have the disadvantage that they add enough volume and weight to the tablet.

However, they are ideal if the tablet is used by children outdoors with moisture, dust and sand.

Pouch tablet cases

Very elegant are the pouch cases, in which different types and sizes of tablets can be inserted. They completely protect the device and are recommended if you often put the tablet in a bag, where it is in danger of scratching.

However, these are essentially carrying cases, as they only protect the tablet as long as you carry it and not as long as you use it.

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For a few years now, tablets have come into our lives for good. You want portability, the big screen and its many uses have made it irreplaceable to many users. It is no coincidence that along with smartphones, they have flooded the market.

The evolution of technology has made us use tablets more and more, especially if we are outdoors. It is no coincidence that major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei have invested in such a device. But just because it is a very useful device, we should protect it in tablet cases.

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