Gross reason you should never put eyeliner on waterline as white oil squirts out

An eye doctor has revealed why you might want to ease up on the eyeliner with a video of blocked ducts being squeezed.

In the clip, Dr Brittani Carver @bettervision gently pinches a patient’s lower eyelid with a surgical tool until a white stringy substance comes oozing out of the ducts.

Apparently, it should be yellow in colour and have a more liquid consistency.

She says: “This patient has been wearing eyeliner on her waterline since she was a teenager.

“The reason why doctors do not recommend you wear eyeliner on your waterline is that there are special glands there that produce and extra oil.”

Dr Brittani explains the oil “should be an olive oil colour and texture” but said her patient’s oil “looks more like toothpaste” because of a blockage.

She says: “That means that these glands are obstructed and not producing healthy tears.”

If your tears don’t have enough oil in them, the water evaporates from your eyeballs faster and your eyes will feel sore, itchy, and dry.

Since Dr Brittani uploaded the video on TikTok it has been watched millions of times and thousands of people have left comments, with a few confessing to feeling a bit squeamish.

One user wrote: “THIS HAPPENED TO ME. Ended up with a cyst on my eyelid that needed to be surgically removed.”

The ‘toothpaste’ like stuff came oozing out

“Are we not going to talk about how painful that looks?” said someone else.

“Me watching this as I have eyeliner on my waterline,” joked a third viewer.

Another user quipped: “I mean this in the most respectful way, I’m still doing it.”

Dr Brittani added more information in the comments, explaining: “The patient is numb and doesn’t feel a thing. This is the only way to manually express the glands. It looks worse than it is.

“We will do a procedure called Lipiflow to really clean out the glands, she will not have as healthy tears as normal but will be able to cry.”

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