ASOS customer horrifies shoppers by unboxing ‘hideous’ shoes ‘like a psycho’

An online shopper showed off her latest purchase from ASOS – but viewers were baffled when she opened the parcel.

The 20-year-old, who goes by the name @sasnezdan on TikTok, posted an unboxing video to show her new footwear bought from the online fashion giant.

She said: “My boyfriend and I finally bought Crocs.”

The woman shows the ASOS-labelled parcel and flips it upside down – then rips the bottom open and takes two pairs of marble-effect Crocs out.

The clip was re-posted by ASOS on Instagram and it quickly drew attention from fashion fans.

Many were distracted by the way she opened the box, while others left their thoughts on the “It” shoe of the season.

The shopper shared her unboxing video online but was criticised by the way she opened the box

Many were horrified by the way she opened the box
Many were horrified by the way she opened the box

One wrote: “I know it shouldn’t bother me but I hate the way she opened the box.”

“Who opens a box like that? It really bothers me,” a second asked and a third wondered: “Why do they open the box like a psycho?”

A fourth chimed in and said the person that opened the box “is trolling everyone”.

Others commented on her fashion choice of picking Crocs.

A viewer shared her honest opinion: “I love trendy clothes but these shoes are ridiculous looking in my opinion.”

Another said the shoes are “slippers for the garden”.

“Nah, they’re still hideous,” a second added.

It’s not the first time ASOS has been roasted recently.

The online retailer was trolled for selling brown tie dye trousers that look like you “pooed yourself at Glastonbury”.

One viewer likened Crocs to slippers for the garden
One viewer likened Crocs to slippers for the garden

The joggers in question are from Topshop and it features sepia splotches across them.

Fashion parody account @asbos_asos joked: “Who needs Glastonbury when you can look like you pooed yourself in a field at home?”

And not long ago, a shopper found another fashion disaster on the website – a £25 pair of jeans with an unfortunate-looking zip down the bum.

Oh dear…

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